Why are yoga pants so expensive?

Some friends searched and inquired on GOOGLE, Why are yoga pants so expensive? Regarding this question, we would like to briefly explain that this mainly exists in brand sellers, but it does not exist in our factory, the clothing manufacturers.

Because brand sellers need advertisements, they need to invite celebrities to do publicity. Regardless of any form of advertising, it must cost a lot of money. To a certain extent, it is necessary to increase the selling price of products to balance the entire expenditure.

As a garment manufacturer, the cost of the product is mainly materials, labor, and machinery. Because we focus on the production of goods, there is no need to spend a lot of money to advertise. Therefore, in comparison, manufacturers can save at least half of their marketing expenses.

For manufacturers, the most expensive are professional skilled workers. The sewing of some garments requires ultra-high technology, not just a simple operation such as sewing. Skilled technical workers can not only complete operations faster, but also make products better. This reduces the loss of fabrics to a certain extent, which is also its value. This is why we are willing to spend high salaries to hire them.

Good fabrics are also indispensable for good products. This involves the characteristics of functional fabrics such as weight, elasticity, moisture absorption, and perspiration. In addition to these, you also need to consider anti-wrinkle and so on. The price of good-quality fabrics and ordinary fabrics can differ several times, even ten times. Therefore, the naked eye cannot simply distinguish the advantages. Only by touching and experiencing with your hands can you know the advantages and disadvantages of each other.

Production machinery is part of the cost investment. It is a fixed asset and has an annual loss rate. This part is a relatively large investment, worth millions. Including cutting; sewing; ironing; printing; dyeing, etc.

In summary, the main cost of clothing manufacturers is excellent workers, good fabrics, and production machines. Of course, we also need to pay related taxes, as well as the lease of factory premises, and so on.

The products of manufacturers do not touch consumers for the first time. It is a fact that brands have made consumers familiar with and influenced in a short period of time because of the heavy investment in advertising.

For the same product, because of the different channels, the cost of the product is different, which is why the price is different.

Someone said, are more expensive leggings better?

My answer is, after checking the quality and specifications, as a consumer, choosing the one that suits you is the best. 

Shopping is to buy what you need. If the best of others is not suitable for you and not what you need, then no matter how good it is, it is of no value.

Knowing what you need is much better than following blindly because you have your own will. Knowing yourself, isn’t this a very accomplished thing in the world?

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