Wholesale clothing vendors supplying with factory price and brand quality

What is the wholesale price?

The wholesale price is the sum of the cost price of a given product plus the manufacturer’s profit margin. Usually, the manufacturer will collect it from the bulk purchaser. The price may also be set by bulk distributors when selling to small retailers.

It is not a price charged to consumers. The wholesale price is often much more favorable than the retail price because of the large quantity. There is a saying in China that small profits but quick turnover come from this way.

In the wholesale stage, goods are usually sold in large quantities, so the wholesale price is set at the lowest possible price so that other stakeholders in the supply chain can enjoy profit margins.

The ultimate goal of wholesale pricing is to ensure a good balance between creating a healthy business and enjoying substantial profits.

Wholesale clothing vendors

we are clothing vendors for wholesale and retail. We are the source manufacturer with an annual transaction value of more than 3 million. The plant area is about 2000 square meters and there are more than 50 professional employees.

As women’s wholesale clothing vendors, we are committed to the production of seamless yoga sportswear. The seamless process is better than ordinary conventional sewing, which makes the quality of the product more satisfying so that you don’t need to worry about the clothes bursting during sports training, which will cause an embarrassing situation.

Moreover, the seamless process reduces a lot of unnecessary stitches, making yoga clothes more intimate and comfortable. Many series of the famous brand gymshark are made with seamless processes. I believe anyone who passes through it will be able to deeply appreciate it. The elasticity and comfort.

Trendy wholesale clothing

high waisted seamless leggings

Butt lift leggings are hot, our butt-lifting leggings are different from others which named tik tok leggings, as they manufactured by seamless artwork, it is more elastic, more comfortable, more fit, and less prone to bursting. You also will find it is thicker than the normal one. These butt-sculpting leggings are game-changers which to make your booty look perkier than ever.

seamless leggings set

In the color design process, we have adopted tie-dye, gradient colors, and classic solid colors, as the main series.

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of workout pants but you’re not sure what, may we suggest a pair of one of them, you will never be disappointed.

Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?

brand name
brand name ideas

of course, you can put your brand logo or label on our booty lifting yoga leggings. We will support a small quantity for trial orders which are from 20~200pcs base on styles. And the logo or label mold costs come to actual charges. Normally, estimated USD20~USD50 according to different making and extra cost USD1.5~2 for each piece. You can choose heat to apply for your brand logo or by embroidery patch, or others special you need please contact our team for proceeding.

thin seamless leggings

What is the best wholesale clothing website?

Every businessman should focus on profit, reasonable profit. According to your own situation, such as the number of orders, sales methods, styles, market preferences, etc., choose a partner based on the overall situation.

Personal point of view, No best only suitable for your needs is the key point
If you are in the yoga sportswear industry, we will be your good choice.
Try it, and then you’ll know. Whatsapp or E-mail us for your own business of yoga wear if need.

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